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Blue Jean Baby

I am so paranoid about my legs in skinny jeans. Yes, even black skinnies. I’m worried my cellulite will god forbid be visible through them or something ridiculous, so yeah I only wear black ones. But recently I noticed one of my friends posted an indie Instagram snap of her brand new bright blue jeans.

I love the idea of colourful, bright jeans. This seasons bold thing is much my thing. After much encouragement from my girlfriend I tried on and purchased a pair of cobalt blue jeans… And do I love them. Yes, I still had to ask 100 times if my chunky thighs were visible in them (I think she’s sick of me talking bout them today) but I wore them this eve for drinks with friends and felt fab.

And better yet, they were $15 from Kmarts new bold range. Think I’ll have to get a burgundy pair next!

xx E



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