In My Mind, In My Head

Technically I have half an hour till midnight but TGIF.

Work wise this week has been hellish. My lovely boss gave me the task of training a new member of staff with our computer systems in the hospital and it has been the slowest two days of my life. She’s nice, but ugh. Thank god training is over!!!!! To top it all off I was so hungover this morning after copious amounts of wine Weds night for my girls birthday.

Note to self – I am too old (mentally) to drink on a school night. 🙂

this week I am…

obsessing over foxtel (had it installed this week!)
online shopping with no money to spend
cuddling my kitties and lover
rocking a centre part


Tracks from Bloc Party’s new EP Four (we are not good people, octopus, so he begins to lie)
Chained by The XX
Birdy’s cover of 1901 by Phoenix
San Cisco’s latest single Wild Things
Cast Away, Strange Talks latest


Vegetarian Indian Curry
Seafood Platters
Tim Tams

listening to

Something For Kate, Art vs Science, Ladyhawke, Bertie Blackman, Coldplay


a juicer
a sleep in

My week in snaps ->;;; discovered amazing Macaroon’s @ a European deli near our new house, spending Monday in the sunshine with my GF for her birthday, penguin island visit & cupcakes prepared with love by E’s 10 year old nephew <;;3

Xxx E