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Lovely Saturday.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually blogged on my MacBook before. Usually my posts are late night, after work, quick things on the iPhone. But to actually be on my computer is wonderful (oh how I love lazy weekends with time to actually boot up!).

Gorgeous weather today. So nice to not be either A. hung over after a big night out or B. exhausted after a late shift at work. This morning E and I had a small sleep in (and by that we were up at 9 to the meowing of our annoying but cute kitten Onion) and ventured to Vic Park for brunch. Since moving to South Perth we’ve only been out once for brunch – on a lazy Friday we both had off, 2km down the road to Millpoint Caffe Bookshop, a bright purple food and book haven 1 minute drive from our house (no, we didn’t drive, we’re lazy, we like the comfort of airconditioning and music). Brunch is my FAVOURITE meal of the day and I love getting up and heading out for someone else to make our breakfast (being the resident master chef in our house I like a break from cooking!!) but E is the fussiest food critic – she likes things simple and can I say it…. boring food. I love trying new places, but E once decided we’d never eat a Maylands cafe near our old house again because they didn’t have Coke on the menu….

Today’s brunch location was Zucchero Espresso Bar in Vic Park. We managed to nab a table outside in the sunshine and proceded to order. Waited 30 mins for a toasted ham and cheese sandwich (E’s boring order) and my Zucchero Plate (mushrooms, Italian sausage, scrambled eggs, sourdough and a bacon stack … drool) but it was worth it. I’ll never take her back there though because as we scoured the menu she went from smiley to grumpy when she once again realised – they didn’t have COKE ZERO! Hahaha. My baby doesn’t drink coffee like most. Next weekend is her turn to pick the cafe and I know we’ll end up at Dome! LOL 🙂

After brunch we spent time with friends K & S who were having drama because the Christmas tree they’d spent an hour choosing and a $100 plus dollars on was impossibly hard to put together. And then we went to the shops and bought A JUICER. I am already obsessed with it. So fun. Already made two lots of juices and we’ve only had it for a couple of hours!

Off to the movies tonight. We were going to see Twilight but big crowds doesn’t really sound awesome to me so we’re seeing the Bachelorette with Rebel Wilson. Love her.

Till next time (when I promise I’ll post something fashion related, since this is supposed to be a fashion blog…

xx E