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Brunch Club: Soloman’s Cafe, Highgate


My wonderful friend V just returned from a month long trip to China so we had much to catch up on over our favourite meal – brunch.

Maybe I’m not “raw” enough, or maybe I’m just not used to vegan food, but I was slightly disappointed with my Solomon’s Cafe experience.

Staff were super helpful and friendly and the cafe is beautiful with gorgeous wooden floors and tables, lovely artwork printed on the walls and a cute garden out the back. But the decor couldn’t make up for the food.

I’m one to try anything, and I was dying to try some raw eats, but I was disappointed. The food looked good, colourful and fresh but the taste was another story.

The Solomon’s Sliders; beetroot and black bean patties served with guacamole and quinoa bread ($16) were so dense I couldn’t finish them.

The side dish was another story though.The Beetroot Gnocchi ($12) was delicious and slightly saved my experience. Light, fluffy, flavour some, and served with pesto, I wanted more.

Grab a juice too – the Liver Love ($10) made with carrot, kale and a few other healthy bits will give you a boost!

If you’re a health nut or a vegetarian or vegan you will probably love Solomon’s Cafe, but I’m a bit skeptical of the hype. I’m not sure how I feel about Soloman’s, perhaps I need to give it another go. Everyone deserves a chance though, so if you’re up for something colourful, fresh and different, check it out.

Do you like raw food?

E x

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