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I’m a stationary fanatic, especially if it is cute, and kikki K is one of my favourite stationary haunts.

Late last year whilst Christmas shopping I picked up this super cute A Sentence A Day journal, a three year log of all the random moments in life. It’s forced me to sit down and ponder thoughts I normally wouldn’t and it’ll be lovely to look back and see what has and hasn’t changed in my life three years down the track.

Today kikki K asked me:

What is on your calendar for tomorrow?

I wish I could say something exciting, but tomorrow brings the usual 9-5 work day. But who knows, three years from now I might be answering with ‘traveling somewhere wonderful’ or ‘wedding dress shopping’ (don’t worry Mum, no need to panic).

I’m not one to make 5 year and 10 year plans, but I think this journal will push me to make the most of my life.

So, what is on your calendar for tomorrow?

E x


  1. laura-w24 says

    That is one dreamy notebook! I will hopefully be starting my new job tomorrow…fingers, toes and everything else crossed!

      • laura-w24 says

        I will be working for a homeless charity we have here as a key worker. So I’ll be working with a caseload of kids who haven’t had it so lucky trying to get them out of a hole. It’s a great job, I’m super excited!

      • That sounds wonderful!!!! I’m studying community services & youth work ATM, I’d love to get into that in the future!!! I hope you do start tomorrow and its wonderful! 🙂

      • laura-w24 says

        Oh brilliant! I bet that’s such a good course to be doing! How long have you got left? Thank you…I hope so to!

      • laura-w24 says

        It will be worth it in the end for sure! I’ve been plodding along for what seems like forever! What do you do at the minute? Apart from being a blogger extraordinaire!

      • laura-w24 says

        That’s a very cool job! I’ve done quite a few shifts in A&E, it’s a ridiculously scary place to work!

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