Beauty Review: Bonne Bell SPF15 Moisture Balm

I used to try and eat my lip smackers as a kid – they smelt so yummy, exactly like what they were supposed to smell like. Bubblegum, strawberry, grape. Mmm.
What I also remember was how smooth my lips were after I wore them, and how “cool” I was wearing lip balm to school.

Thankfully my lips can still be smooth without smelling like an artificial candy store. Bonne Bell’s SPF15 Moisture Balm is exactly what you want in a lip balm – not too sticky or too thick, easy glide on and sun protectant for those days when a full face of make up isn’t necessary. After applying the balm my lips feel hydrated without that sticky feeling.

Bonne Bell is a PETA approved, cruelty free company which makes me feel even better about the product – no kitties were harmed to make my lips look and feel fantastic, and at $5.29 is a steal.

What is your lip balm of choice?

E x