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Bombshell Burlesque


The Atomic Bombshells have been described as perfectly polished, sassy and a pure joy to watch, and I was lucky enough to see them in the flesh in their only Perth show for Fringe World Festival 2014.

Hailing from Seattle, the burlesque troupe brought glamour, comedy and sass to Deville’s Pad in an unforgettable show. The Bombshells shimmied, stomped and stripped their way through a fabulous and colourful performance hosted by Mexican-American rocker El Vez sporting various tight cat suits.

Kitten LaRue, Inga Ingenue, Ruby Mimosa, Jamie Von Straten and the hilarious Lou Henry Hoover kept the crowd’s eyes glued to the stage for the 90 minute spectacle, leaving us wanting more. The strip tease was classy and theatrical with a touch of comedy on the side.

Burlesque at its greatest.

Unfortunately The Atomic Bombshells are back in Seattle being sexy somewhere, but Fringe World has more burlesque to offer over the coming weeks. If you are in that part of the world though, check them out!

Are you a fan of the art of burlesque?

E x