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So I thought the backpack was just for carrying your clothes to the gym and school kids… But I was wrong. The backpack is a summer essential and this weeks trend alert.

Fringed, glittery, denim – there’s a backpack for every occasion and I promise you won’t look like you’re heading to your first day of school.

The once practical bag has had a makeover and here are a few of my favourites…

1. Heartthrob Mini Backpack – NastyGirl ($84)
2. MiPac Mi Pac Backpack in Red Candy Stripe – ASOS ($55)
3. Posy Potpourri Backpack – Modcloth ($39)
4. Wripped Denim Backpack – Topshop ($55)

If the Olsen twins are rocking the pack they must be cool.

What essentials would you keep in your backpack?

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  1. laura-w24 says

    My backpack is hideous…it’s about 12 years old and 6 shades lighter than its original colour! Just a heads up, I nominated you and your lovely blog for a Liebster award! Have a read though my latest post to find out a little bit more!

    • If I think about the last backpack I had was part of a Dora The Explorer costume… What a joke 🙂 haha

      PS – once again THANKYOU 🙂

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