Lunch Club: Kabuki Japanese, Victoria Park


When I think of Japanese food the first thing that comes to mind is fresh. I don’t want the sushi that’s been sitting in the window all day, I want fresh sushi made just for me.

Kabuki Japanese does just that, and the food is damn good.

Since E & I are dieting and are only allowed one “treat” meal per week we had to choose wisely. Brunch is too damn risky in week one of a diet as hollandaise sauce is my weakness, so Japanese it was.

Kabuki has been on my Urbanspoon wish list forever and I was impressed as soon as we stepped in the door. The restaurant is quite small, but the gorgeous silver wallpaper and wooden furniture make the space look lovely and welcoming.

I ordered the Salmon Don Set – fresh salmon, seaweed salad, bean curd, prawn, tamago, rice and the usual soy sauce and wasabi. Miso Soup and a side salad complemented the meal. The salmon was melt in your mouth fresh, the seaweed salad was zingy and tasty and the miso was light and flavoursome. I only ate a small portion of my rice as I was trying to be good, but I still felt very full afterwards.

E’s usual Teriyaki Chicken Set was a winner (and she’s very picky)!

A lovely meal worth the (100) blown calories! Kabuki is open seven days for both dine in and take away.

What do you miss most when dieting?

E x

Kabuki Japanese on Urbanspoon