1. Our gorgeous little niece Ivy
2. One of the yummy 12WBT breakfast recipes
3. Pretty views on my morning walk
4. Best gift from my lady for our three year anniversary
5. Me and my boo
6. Loving a night in a lux hotel – room service!
7. Brunch at The Dizzy Witch Cafe
8. Valentine’s Day flowers

And lately I’ve been…

Reading: You Gotta Have Balls by Lily Brett

Listening To: Lisa Mitchell, Bertie Blackman and Tegan & Sara

Watching: Revenge, Shortland Street & Gallery Girls

Wearing: Bronze leaf earrings, orange lipstick & blouses

Eating: 12WBT meals, yum yum!

Loving: My new Polaroid camera, lazy Sunday’s & Muesli

Hating: Exercise, hahaha

Buying: Coral flats and gym pants

What is the best thing you’ve done this week?

E x