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Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture


My best friend B only ever pulls out her Polaroid camera for special gatherings. I’d say it was because the film is very expensive ($23) and Polaroid pictures are for those moments you want to savor. You can’t retake the picture, it’s then and there and the moment is as is. No retouching, resizing or editing. Pure and raw, real.

My gorgeous girlfriend E got me my very own for our anniversary and I’ve not taken my best friends advice, I’ve gone snap crazy and blown the film on cute moments from the weekend. No regrets! I promise I’ll be more frugal with the next film.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to take more pictures, and the Polaroid 300 is the perfect tool!

What sort of camera do you use?

E x


  1. Would love to have a polaroid one day. I tend to stick to my iPhone when I’m on the go or my husband’s DSLR

  2. I love polaroids, I have an old school one with 1 very last pack of film left….saving it for that rainy day.

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