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DIY Beauty: Strawberry Sugar Lip Scrub

Need a quick lip fix to eliminate a dry, chapped pout?

This DIY beauty recipe would have to be the most simple and tasty to date.

Sugar is a natural exfoliant, and by combining it with a pantry staple your lips will be feeling, and looking wonderful in 10 minutes.

Strawberry Sugar Lip Scrub

2tsp Sugar
1tsp Olive Oil
1 drop strawberry essence

1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix till combined
2. Apply to lips and massage in as you would a regular exfoliant
3. Leave for 5-10 mins or however long you can handle not eating the mixture!
4. Wash any remaining scrub off with warm water and pat mouth dry


The pink strawberry essence left my lips with a pretty pink stain, but that doesn’t bother me at all. You can even eat the excess if you are feeling naughty.

What is your best quick fix for dry lips?

E x


  1. Melissa says

    Love it! Glad I don’t have to spend money on the lush lip scrub!

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