Beauty Review: Lime Crime Lipstick

Before my best friend B moved to Melbourne we caught up for coffee and shopping in the city, and she could not stop raving about a new, magical lipstick she just had to buy that day.
After trekking from the CBD over the bridge to Northbridge in 35 degree heat (Perthian’s will understand my pain) to Red Stripe Clothing she dragged me over to the Lime Crime display. As soon as I saw the cute purple tubes featuring the famous unicorn I smiled and told her that I was actually wearing the Centri-Fuchsia that day. I remember she looked at me like I was crazy and asked me why I hadn’t told her about Lime Crime sooner! She walked out of the store that day with the Airborne Unicorn Purple in her hot little hand. And I’m sure that she wears the magical lippie as often as I do.

To be honest I don’t even think I need to review Lime Crime lipstick because the brand is so well known and so reputable. But if you follow my blog regularly, you would have noticed that Lime Crime lipstick is my go to for bold, dramatic colours and has featured in almost all of my outfit of the day posts. No explanation needed. It’s love. And what explains love more than expressing my love in a Lime Crime selfie explosion.


Are you a Lime Crime convert?

E x


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