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All hail bread. Well, if you’re at Bread In Common anyway. The Fremantle eatery is the latest project by food dude Nic Trimboli (of Duende, Gordon Street Garage and Il Lido Canteen fame) and is well and truly following in its restaurant brothers and sisters footsteps. I’ve been dying to check it out since it first opened its doors last year, so our party of seven popped into Freo for quick brunch.

Tucked away on Pakenham Street in an 1890’s warehouse (like much of Fremantle), BIC is foodie heaven. The industrial inspired restaurant space is massive and designer light bulbs hang sporadically from the ceiling (the lack of organisation gave my interior design student friend L a coronary, but I thought it was randomly beautiful). Shelves of wine bottles cover one wall, and the open kitchen and bakery provided entertainment for my inquisitive side whilst dining. Who doesn’t like to see their food being made?

BIC’s menu is extensive and focuses on the idea of sharing meals… with a side of bread of course! The wholemeal sourdough ($2 per serve) was the freshest and tastiest bread I’ve had in a very long time. It smelt sweet and grainy and I’m almost positive it’d only been baked in the last few hours.

I went with the Courgette, Zucchini, Quinoa, Feta and Mint ($18.00). The quinoa was nutty, earthy and cooked well. The courgette added a fresh element and I even ate my sprouts! The dish as a whole was pretty tasty and went very well with the fresh bread.

The rest of our group had mixed reactions to their meals. V & F both ordered the Scrambled Organic Eggs with Dukkah, Rocket and Thick Cut Toast ($14) – thumbs up on the scramby and of course the bread was a winner. S’s swordfish looked very watery and most of it stayed on her plate. C & D shared the mushroom and macadamia main, with the macadamia claiming the star of the dish (but perhaps a little too much vinegar).

All in BIC is what is it is; tasty food, great ambience, attentive waitstaff with fantastic strong coffee ($4) and juice in a jar ($8) making the meal. I’ll definitely be back for dinner.

Where are you dying to eat?

E x

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