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DIY Beauty: Probiotic Face Mask


We all get stressed, and lately my job has been crazy. So much so I took a day off last week for me, a zen day to relax, recoup and clear my mind.

Unfortunately when I get stressed my skin takes a beating and I break out. Face mask time.

This natural DIY mask is a simple skin kick to eliminate redness and soothe any angry bumps.


1/4 cup natural Greek yoghurt
1 probiotic tablet
Cotton balls

1. Break open the tablet and mix the probiotic into the yoghurt
2. Dab the mixture onto your face with a cotton bud, applying extra to any problem areas
3. Leave the mask to dry for 10-15 minutes
4. Remove with warm water and pat your skin dry

NOTE: Wash your face very well after the mask, you don’t want your skin to smell like off milk, haha.

The cold yoghurt mixture on my face felt fantastic and I can see a difference in my spots. Probiotics are not just for keeping your stomach at ease, they also banish inflammation, even in your skin!

What stresses you out?

E x


  1. Interesting. I couldn’t take the smell (i’m sensitive to the scent of dairy products), but it sounds like it would work for inflammation.

    • Surprisingly it didn’t smell so bad whilst it was on your skin. You just need to make sure you wash it off properly! X

  2. Mirror of Health & Fashion says

    It a great idea,I used to have my facial with sour cream,but I have to try this one.Thanks for sharing such a great post.Krystyna

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