Trending: Biker Boots

20140319-234232.jpgmodel abbey clancy owning her boots

Zooooom. That’s the noise I’d be making if a. I had the (what is a nice word for balls?) to get on the back of a motorcycle and b. I actually wanted to get on the back of a motorcycle. For now I’ll just stick to ogling this weeks tough yet sexy trend, biker boots.

I’ve always been afraid of the biker boot. This femme would rather rock a pair of ballet flats fit for a princess, but I’m beginning to warm to the idea of mixing florals and femininity with a fierce boot. Or if I can’t find the confidence, I can always rely on E to rock the trend – they are one of her winter staples. Lucky me.

For the tough tomboys (or the oh so daring) here are my top biker boot picks.


1. Assembly Biker Boots – ASOS ($35)
2. Black Padded Back Lace Up Biker Boot – Newlook ($31)
3. Tramp Biker Boot – ASH @ Farfetch ($520)
4. Made In Italy Biker Boot – Love Moschino @ All Sole Footwear ($240)

I think I’ll stick to walking.

Can you pull off the sexy boot?

E x