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It – Alexa Chung


Strolling through Myer recently I found myself in my own personal heaven… the book section.
After gazing at the cook books for at least five minutes and deciding I probably didn’t need another one since I have at least six at home I’ve never opened I stumbled into the fashion section.

I’ve always been intrigued by cool girl Alexa Chung. Her style is effortless, yet so put together and when I saw her book It was on sale for only $20 I skipped straight to the counter.



It is a “hipster style bible” of such, documenting Alexa’s fashion inspiration and what makes her tick. Both Lolita and Wednesday Adams are credited as her muses, and the book features beautiful photography and artwork.

I’ve read mixed reviews for Chung’s debut. Some say it should be renamed “Alexa Chung’s Tumblr Account” whilst others found it witty and charming.



Personally I’m a fan of beautiful books and this one will be out on display for sure. Her writing style isn’t the best, but she’s not a writer, she’s an icon and she knows how to rock that! And it’s always nice to delve a little deeper into the celebrity psyche.

Which celebrity book would you recommend?

E x

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