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Lusting Over: Marion Cotillard for Dior



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French beauty Marion Cotillard is so graceful she even makes jumping on a trampoline look elegant.

Dior’s pre-fall campaign sees the Academy Award winner jumping for joy in stunning pleated gowns and skirts in pastels and pure whites and of course, that Lady Dior bag. Want.

Fashion and physical activity do not normally mix, but for some reason this campaign absolutely works. Lust worthy.

Do you think trampolines and designer clothing mesh?

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  1. The Sartorial Coquette says

    Yes, totally lust worthy I agree. These are enough to make me rush into the nearest Dior store and buy everything!! 😉
    And to be honest, I think trampolines and designer clothing mesh only when Marion Cotillard is involved. 🙂

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