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DIY Beauty: Eggy Mayo Deep Cleanse


I have cleaned like a fiend for the past two evenings. And before you ask, there is no clean freak in this girl (I’m the opposite). The reason being was the six weekly unwanted ritual; the rental inspection.

E & I would certainly buy a house (if we had a spare $20,000 for a deposit) at the drop of a hat, but alas, the visits from the real estate fairy must continue.

Oven cleaner is probably my cleaning product enemy. As well as making me cough up a lung, I find the throat tickling poison gets trapped in my hair and dries it right out – and I can’t go around smelling like a chemical explosion.

So today was the perfect day for my favourite hair masque. And all the ingredients are regulars in your Coles trolley.


1/4 cup plain yoghurt (no fruit of course)
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 egg white

1. Blend ingredients together
2. Cover hair with the mixture, combing through evenly and focusing on the ends
3. Leave to sit for 30 minutes and rinse!

Voila! No more dry, unmanageable mane post cleaning product explosion. I may have to make this a new, post-inspection ritual.

What do you recommend to tame the tresses?

E x


  1. Twenty says

    Mayo???????????????? that’s different but if it works, well why not?

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