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Beauty Review: Kmart Caffeine Eye Gel



Coffee addiction is a given when you work in health. Late nights, shift change. Coffee is my heaven. I love everything about it. The smell, the bitter yet smooth texture, the buzzing feeling I get after skulling a large soy long mac. It wakes me up. So why not smother it under your eyes for a quick fix!

I can’t go past cute packaging and when I came across Kmart’s super cute eye gel with coffee beans I couldn’t say no. To be honest I didn’t even care if it worked, I just had to have that funky package in my beauty bag.

The gel is slightly sticky and feels lovely when you first apply it – especially after a hot shower. I don’t know what is about coffee but I can actually feel my skin tighten as the gel dries. Bags be gone! I’d you prefer something more natural try my DIY beauty trick – eliminate your bags with tea (bags).

Do you purchase items just because they are cute?

E x


  1. Twenty says

    I see you are in the top 40 for lifestyle in THE VOICE 2014…congratulations.

  2. Mary says

    Hi I was wondering where I can purchase the eye gel with caffeine , the Kmart one.. I don’t think they sell it anymore šŸ˜¦

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