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The New Love Of My Life

My car was broken into a few weeks ago and the only thing they took was my pink digital camera. Ugh. It wasn’t really a big deal because I rarely ever used it (iPhone only), but it did give me the perfect excuse to go out and get a fancy new one!


Presenting my brand new baby, a Canon Powershot SX50 Hs. Is it possible to be in love with a camera? Now it’s not extra fancy pants or professional but it’s simple to use and takes beautiful snaps (and it can zoom, and I mean zoom). I’m turning into one of those weird tourist types with a camera hanging around my neck taking pictures of plants and flowers. Awkward. My explanation to myself is I’m just practicing with the multiple settings but I can see this becoming a bad habit. Oh well, I did make a resolution to myself to take more pictures this year, even if they are of plants.

This week on the Voices Of 2014 blog they discussed getting the most out of your camera, but like editor Pip, I’m an “automatic” kind of girl. I might need a refresher in the art of photography, any suggestions for Perth courses? For now I’ll stick to pressing buttons and hoping for a good outcome.

What is your favourite photography style?

E x

PS- Here are a few new cam snaps from the weekend, if you’re bored and want to try something random check out The Maze – a beautiful road trip and fun day out.





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