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When Vashti Magazine asked me to put together a piece on a new ‘superfood’ I was a little stumped. I’ll admit I’ve ordered meals at restaurants purely because they contained super foods (scrambled eggs with kale, chia smoothies), but I’d never really thought about them at home. To be honest I couldn’t even tell you what kale looked like, let alone what I would do with it.

If I ever need health related advice I go to my little brother. He’s a health nut and doesn’t just enjoy fitness, he understands the science behind it. And when it comes to food he doesn’t just eat certain things because everyone else is, he actually understands why such foods are so good for you.

Forget kale and chia, this fat burning superfood is probably already in your cupboard. A spoon full of cinnamon makes the stomach go down. Or so I’ve been told. Who knew the dusting on your chai latte was actually a superfood?

So why is this spice so especially good for you? Cinnamon is a thermogenic. In simple terms, eating cinnamon increases your metabolism. And with an increased metabolism comes weight loss.

But boosting your metabolism isn’t the only reason cinnamon is so super. It also helps with managing blood sugar levels and reducing cholesterol. Fascinating. The simple spice has been used for medicinal purposes for years. And according to little brother, half a tea spoon daily is all you need to kickstart your cinnamon buzz.

Here are my simple tips to spice up your day with cinnamon.

1. Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon to your cup of tea, mmm!

2. Cinnamon works wonderfully in a smoothie. Choose your favourite flavour and add half a teaspoon of cinnamon – tasty and beneficial.

3. For a delicious and healthy winter dessert why not stew some apples with cinnamon.

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This post was written exclusively for Vashti Magazine.


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