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With the weather getting colder I’ve just felt like chilling in trackies on the couch. Glamorous I know, but I’m a homebody at heart! Unfortunately there is no rest for the wicked and this femme has been run off her feet. Tea and comfy clothes can wait!




1. Loved spending time with my Mama over Easter break.
2. New camera play, snapping my Mum’s pretty garden.
3. Can Ivy get any cuter? She’ll be one this week!
4. Curry feasts in Vic Park with my uni girls, wish we had time to catch up more often!
5. The prettiness that was the Blogger Garage Sale.
6. Random nights with girls, I will admit I love the TAB *cringe*
7. Coffee cups the size of my head. Addict.
8. Mini trifles over Easter break!
9. It wouldn’t be holidays without bacon.
10. Out with my boo, love that face.
11. Found this gorgeous chair hiding at The Maze, so cute.
12. Miss Nicole & I, a few wines later!

And lately I’ve been…

Reading: the creative issue of Yen magazine and The Innocents by Francesca Segal

Listening To: Radical Face, Lisa Mitchell & Martin Solveig

Watching: The Real Housewives Of Melbourne, The Voice (reality TV addict) and Skins

Wearing: leather jackets, leopard print scarves and berets

Eating: brunch x 100000 – weekends are the best!

Loving: having extra blankets on the bed cos it’s chilly and coffee!

Hating: the lack of hours in a day!

Buying: camera gadgets, polka dot blouses and cut out dresses

What are you loving right now?

E x


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