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DIY Beauty: Salty Pore Cleanse


TMI time. Who doesn’t love applying a pore strip, letting it dry and removing it to reveal the horror. Disgusting, but true, but it’s one of my favourite beauty duties. Sorry!

I came across this DIY version whilst trolling Pinterest late one night and had to give it go. With only three ingredients, one being your trusty everyday face wash and the others your pantry staples, this is a simple and satisfying exercise!


DIY Salty Pore Cleanse

1/2 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tbsp salt
Face wash gel

1. Mix ingredients together to make a thick paste
2. Apply to a damp face with a cotton pad
3. Leave to set for 5 minutes
4. Remove to reveal a fresh face.

WARNING: This might be a grotty experience, but you’ll feel much better afterwards.

The combination draws the dirt and gunk from your pores without having to rip them from your face. As the mixture dries it starts to tighten and bubble, a strange experience!

Which pore cleansing method is your preferred?

E x


  1. Mirror of your Health says

    Amazing idea,so easy to make.Thanks for sharing,great post.

  2. Cool idea 🙂 Pinterest can be so hit or miss

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