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Are you Fairly Fashionable?


Do you know where your clothes come from? Or the conditions they were made in? Or if whoever made them was paid correctly for their time and effort?
These were just a few of the questions addressed at the Fairly Fashionable? event held Friday night in Fremantle.

Launched on Fashion Revolution Day (the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory disaster) 40 plus designers were challenged to create a garment or accessory incorporating donated fair trade fabrics with recycled, upcycled or other ethically sourced pieces.

Most designers have months to work on a collection. But for the established and emerging fashion folk involved in Fairly Fashionable? 14 days was all they were given.


Jess Priemus, Bhalo

Many6160 provided the perfect setting for the fashion event. To be honest it was my first time visiting the fabulous space, and I have no idea why I hadn’t been sooner. Champagne flowing, my friend K and I had a wander around the pop up shops and even made a few purchases before the main event. We are girls!



Ethical fashion label Bhalo‘s Jess Priemus opened the evening with a brief rundown on what ethical fashion was all about, where her label had progressed in the last few months (MBFW!) and tips on starting your own fair trade based label. And her dress! Wow. Bhalo’s beautiful pieces are now on my wish list.



The evening progressed with gorgeous garments galore. I couldn’t get over the intricate designs, bright, beautiful fabrics and how much was achieved by the designers in such a short period of time. K & I were in awe of the detail of majority of the garments – absolutely stunning, and for someone who didn’t really know a lot about fair trade fashion I walked out feeling very well informed and wanting to learn more.



Big thanks to Fair Trade Freo and the WA Fair Trade Collective for a truly unique and inspiring fashion experience. Head down to Many6160 quick, as the garments will be on display for a week.

How much do you know about ethical fashion?

E x


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