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Brunch Club: Ley Street Cafe, Como






After a few disappointing brunch dates over the last few weeks I begged E to go out to breakfast two days in row over our holiday break. Perhaps a little bit cheeky, but I needed to discover a new, delicious cafe to restore my faith in dining out at breakfast time. Obviously the food fairies were watching over me on this sunny Saturday morning because did we discover the cutest little cafe or what? Perhaps I should have kept this place a secret, but that wouldn’t be fair!

Ley Street Cafe is a tiny, suburban cafe a short drive from home. With a name like Ley Street Cafe I was expecting a generic corner store, but I was very wrong. The cafe features a jumble of mismatched vintage tables and chairs, an open kitchen (so you can watch your breakfast being cooked by a hipster dude) and one of the cheapest menus I’ve seen in a long time! E & I will happily pay top dollar for a fabulous brunch out, but I was so shocked with the prices at Ley Street. None of this $20 for a fried egg on toast type of thing. We payed less than $30 for the two of us – score!

As you all know by now I’m a coffee fiend, and I couldn’t go past a mug the size of my head filled with a strong, creamy soy long macchiato. E didn’t think I’d finish it, but she was very wrong! And I still had room for a regular coffee too. Told you I was a caffeine addict.

On this occasion I went with my brunch old faithful. Eggs Florentine with Salmon and Spinach ($15.90 – two eggs), whilst E when with the ham version ($7 – one egg). I think because we’d watched the hipster chef cook our meal it made it that much better. The eggs were cooked beautifully and the hollandaise sauce was zingy and fresh. Absolutely gorgeous. Plus the vintage plates and cutlery added to the theme, and looked super cute for food snaps.

Ley Street has definitely been added to my favourite list, no doubt about it. And even fussy E is impressed.

What did you eat for breakfast today?

E x

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    • It’s the best! I loved watching our brekkie be cooked, added to the experience of it all haha. And I’m an avid people watcher! E x

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