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I learnt something about myself this week; even when I’m run down, exhausted and sick, I can’t sit still. To the point of being bed ridden and not being able to relax, pushing myself to try and finish a book, write a blog post and even attempt to bake a cake (um gross). I need to dedicate more time to nothing or I’m going to be grey by next year.
Perhaps I need a “relaxing” hobby like yoga…. Ah ha! That’s adding more to my plate, and it’s well and truly full.

Which brings me to the last two weeks. Even through it is getting into winter and regular folk are spending more time indoors with a book, there have been so many wonderful fashion, arts and cultural events happening in and around Perth I’ve run myself ragged! I’ve even (sadly) had to knock back invitations as there has just been so much choice and not enough time in the day. If I only had a clone.

Last week a colleague asked me if I’d seen any good films lately. I didn’t even have to think about the answer. No, I hadn’t because there isn’t enough hours in the week. Add in full time work, birthdays, breakfast with friends, family, E of course, a flu and a rent inspection, this femme is exhausted. But I’m having a fabulous time, despite the bags under my eyes. To be honest, as much as I need the odd zen second, I don’t think I could have it any other way. Sorry bod!





1. Soup for the soul (and the flu) – chicken and veg of course!
2. My Pretty Little Package finally made its way into the world, enjoy Di!
3. I fell in love with this print at Many6160 in Fremantle. Stunning.
4. Kitty stalking.
5. Look Mum, I’m officially the media, haha.
6. My pretty little package – a Laura Liy original. Thanks again sweet!
7. Birthday girls, Ivy & Ruby.
8. Loom band cray cray, so fun.
9. Pink lipped selfies, off to work of course!
10. Fun street art in Leederville with V, who remembers Astro Boy?
11. Brunch goodness at Millpoint Caffe Bookshop with my lady.
12. The most adorable high-tea set up I’ve seen in a long time.

And lately I’ve been…

Reading: Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann

Listening To: Feist, Angus & Julia Stone and Lana Del Rey

Watching: Puberty Blues and new Wentworth (!!!!!)

Wearing: houndstooth, animal print and stripes!

Eating: popcorn, raw desserts and a thousand curries!

Loving: my family and friends, and E of course! ❤

Hating: being sick!

Buying: palm tree earrings, pretty little packages and guava lipgloss.

Can you sit still?

E x

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  1. twenty says

    Gosh, soooooo much to fit into a fortnight. Looks fun though.

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