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Coffee Club: Addison & Steele Specialty Coffee, North Perth



People speak differently when they are passionate about something. And at Addison & Steele Specialty Coffee it is obvious the snappily dressed staff live and breath a good quality cuppa.

The industrial style open space on Fitzgerald Street oozes cool. Black and white tiled floors, hanging lights and exposed “insulation” creates a hipster friendly spot for A+ coffee and a tasty bite.



V & I visited A&S on a whim after the cafe we were originally planning to visit was very busy and we were too hungry to wait. Our second option of the day was the perfect choice. The cafe focuses predominantly on coffee, but they do serve pastries and sweet and savoury bagels baked fresh daily by the Holy Bagel Company. V & I both went for the Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese ($14) – a scrumptious choice. The bagel was soft and flavoursome, both salty and nutty. Mmm. The salmon was just as it should be, fresh and smokey. And the salmon serving was very generous, none of this one slice stuff. We were very impressed.



And now to the coffee. You could just tell a lot of love goes into the process. After spying the table next door ordering science beakers of fresh coffee, V & I had to get involved. Turns out the beaker was filled with a “hand syphoned” Ethiopian brew made fresh at the A&S brew bar. The coffee was light and smooth, almost like a herbal tea, and went down very easily. Our friendly waiter explained the process of Ethiopian coffee production and suggested we keep our noses open to “floral undertones” within the brew. He was very right. As soon as the science experiment was placed on our table I couldn’t just smell coffee, but flowers. Heavenly.



I was buzzing all afternoon thanks to Addison & Steele and I can’t wait till we meet again – next time I think I’ll try the drip coffee.

What is your usual coffee order?

E x

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  1. I can’t say anything about the coffee, I’m too distracted by the smoked salmon! Yum! 🙂 P.-S.: I like my coffee black.

    • Smoked salmon can be very distracting! Haha! I love black coffee!! You would love the Ethiopian blend – it was wonderful! E x

  2. twenty says

    If anyone is stuck for a nice place to have a coffee, or arvo tea then they need only visit your space here – you have some great recommendations……

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