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Weekend Wanderings


Relationships are about compromise, and when E decided she wanted go see a local ice hockey game, I was slightly reluctant to agree. YOLO moment, I love trying new things, and I thought hey, I might even enjoy myself. And she does a lot of things with me she can’t tolerate, haha.
E visited friends in Canada a few years back and she raved about the sport and witnessed loads of violence and blood shed. You really can’t compare the Canadian league to our local stuff, but we did see a few broken hockey sticks and a lot of shoving and body slams. And I definitely learnt some new insults.

We started the evening seated, looking down on the game, but by quarter time E and her fam were itching to get downstairs to the standing area. Luckily the barriers between the ice and the crowd were tough, because when the puck came flying towards our faces I swear I peed a little. I recommend the faint hearted avoid standing behind the goals – it’s a scary place.

This femme will now admit she is addicted, not to the sport, but to the atmosphere. What a crazy evening. Next time I know to wear a few extra layers of clothing though, brrrrr. And yes, I wanna go again! Should really learn to trust my lady when it comes to choosing new things to do and see. Sorry baby!

What was the best part of your weekend?

E x

PS – Perth won!

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  1. twenty says

    That post just reminded me of my first effort at ice skating,,,,,and I’m laughing my head off !

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