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Brunch Club: Sixteen Ounces, Victoria Park



My best friend B is back in Perth! To celebrate her homecoming, and a much needed reunion, we chose to brunch at Victoria Park’s latest project coffee bar Sixteen Ounces. I’ve been begging E to take me since the spot opened a few months back, but my lady is a very fussy eater so thankfully B will try anything.



Stepping into the cafe was like entering a mini art gallery. Quirky art crowds the walls, an oversized lightbulb buzzes away at the front door and gorgeous wooden furniture creates a slick, yet welcoming vibe. I couldn’t get over how brilliant and friendly the staff were. Miss B was stuck in traffic so I had to wait a short time for her arrival, but the barista chatted away like an old friend and made me a fabulous macchiato just the way I like it. And they know how to make a damn good coffee!



Although short, the menu has something for everyone, and I couldn’t pass up the Sweet Rosti Haloumi ($17). Sweet potato rosti, haloumi cooked perfectly (and it’s definitely an easy cheese to overcook) with a tomato and rocket salad. Mmm. I can say I’ve found a new favourite – sweet potato rosti is so much juicer and tastier than regular rosti! B went with her usual Banana Bread – no complaints from her side of the table.



Sixteen Ounces is the perfect spot for a well made coffee and a bite. I think I’ve found a new favourite coffee spot. Now I just need to get E involved.

Are you scared of trying new places? If so, why?

E x

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  1. Never! If its new, I want to try it! Speaking of which Sixteen Ounces is such a lovely spot, the Vic Park coffee scene is really expanding. This makes me happy 🙂

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