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Taking Stock 01


I’ll admit I’ve got a bit of a crush on Pip Lincolne’s blog. There is just something about it that inspires and makes me all warm and cosy.
If you’re ever feeling a bit blue, head over to her online haven Meet Me At Mikes, you’ll feel better in seconds.

This tid bit is a Pip specialty, and one that has been big in the blogosphere. She calls it Taking Stock, and now I shall take my own.

Making: New online friends, and a new Facebook page for my blog.
Cooking: Broccoli Soup, who knew it’d be so tasty.
Drinking: Raw pressed juices from the Victoria Park Farmers Market.
Reading: Valley Of The Dolls. Wow.
Wanting: Everything in Target‘s new work range.
Looking: At the The Voice on the TV, secret addict.
Playing: Records on my record player, Bon Iver is currently on rotation.
Deciding: When to next book holidays.
Wishing: I was on holidays! Haha, there is theme running here.
Enjoying: Cold winter nights rugged up in bed.
Waiting: For a special blog related package.
Liking: My new White Tea by the English Tea Shop, it’s divine.
Wondering: What to wear on my weekend wandering…
Loving: Coffee. And the #weekendrewind.
Pondering: What to do next…
Considering: A new hair style.
Watching: Neighbours & Project Runway All Stars.
Hoping: My job is safe!
Marvelling: How people can sing so well, jealous.
Needing: An eyebrow wax!
Smelling: The strawberry face mask I’m currently rocking while I nut out this post.
Wearing: Polka dot and floral pjs.
Following: New people on Pippit! Such a bizarre little app.
Noticing: All the cute new winter trends, I wanna get involved.
Knowing: Everything will be a-okay!
Thinking: About whether I should have some peanut butter icecream…
Feeling: Sleepy.
Admiring: Drew Barrymore.
Sorting: My earring tub, it’s such a mess.
Buying: More stripes, peplums and a super cute black work dress.
Getting: Ready for another busy weekend, love it.
Bookmarking: DIY beauty recipes!
Disliking: How broke I am again, lol.
Opening: A packet of shortbread biscuits, whoops.
Giggling: At silly snapchats from my little sister.
Snacking: On the biscuits now, haha.
Coveting: Matte lipsticks.
Wishing: It was 8pm – then work would be finished for the week!
Helping: Out with the Salvation Army Winter Appeal, get involved.
Hearing: White noise, just the way I like it.

What are you giggling at this week?

E x

PS – My blog now has a Facebook fan page – like away for more fun.


  1. twenty says

    I’m giggling at my hair – just as well I’m off to get a haircut today ….

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  3. My puppy! He chases the ball around on our polished concrete floor, slipping and sliding and skidding all over the place. It’s very cute and very funny!

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