WCW: Kat Dennings

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Like most people I follow quite a few celebrity Instagram accounts. And yes, it’s purely just to have a stalky stalk and get a good old look into their “personal” lives off screen. Lena Dunham’s IG makes me laugh my butt off, Alexa Chung’s makes me jealous (truth) and Kat Dennings’ little spot makes me squee. She’s a crazy cat lady! Her gorgeous little kitty features in majority of her snaps, and they’re just too cute together. Great bod, stunning features and cat obsessed…. Dream girl material.

Kat first caught my eye in the 2008 indie flick Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (if you’re yet to see it, get onto it ASAP). Since then she’s starred alongside our very own Chris Hemsworth in Thor, and is one half of the 2 Broke Girls (reruns now showing on Channel 9). But as we all know pictures speak a thousand words, so here you go, enjoy.



Who is your Woman Crush Wednesday?

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  1. twenty says

    Didn’t even realise that she was the THOR girl,,,learn something every day.

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