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Trending: Fancy Tea Cups


Care for a spot of tea? Only if it’s served in a pretty tea cup of course! It’s not just about what you’re drinking, it’s about how you’re drinking it.

Winter is the best time of year to catch the tea bug. I’ll tell you right now, I can’t get enough. My current tea obsession is anything by the English Tea Shop. It’s probably the best bagged tea I’ve come across. For loose leaf I’m loving T2’s Vanilla Slice. Hints of vanilla with a strong, fruity base. It’s heavenly. But when I’m sipping a steaming hot brew I must have it in a pretty china cup or mug. Here are my favourite “tea sets” of late. Pinkies out ladies, it’s tea time.


1. Scrabble E Mug ($12) – Amara AU
2. Guns & Roses Tea Cup & Saucer ($90) – Outlandish Creations @ Aha Life
3. Afternoon Tea 2 Pink Cup & Saucer ($20) – T2 Tea
4. Kimono Breakfast Cup & Saucer ($19.95) – Maxwell Williams

Even the celebrities are obsessing over pretty china – Miranda Kerr has recently released her own tea cup range with Royal Dalton. How peculiar!

How do you take your tea?

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  1. twenty says

    This article brings to mind my blue and white tea set I had as a child, It was so pretty and I played with it as much as possible. Every girl should have a tea set.

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