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Taking Stock 02


After the many likes and comments on my previous Taking Stock venture (a Pip Lincoln idea) I’ve decided to serve up a second slice.
To the bloggers who mentioned they were ready to start their own TS posts, comment with your links, I’d love to see what you’re up to. And to any new readers, hello!

And now, I will take stock.

Making: pretty picture art on Fat Mum Slim’s new app “Little Moments” – get to the App Store!
Cooking: sweet potato mash, slow cooker dinners and spaghetti
Drinking: Yaru sparkling water
Reading: The Egg Race by Polly Williams
Wanting: it to be my upcoming week off already!
Looking: up DIY beauty projects on Pinterest
Playing: dodgy fashion games on my iPad, hehe!
Deciding: what to wear to work tomorrow.
Wishing: it was the weekend already.
Liking: how many brunch adventures I’ve had lately and the Fox In Flats July Style Dare (follow my progress on The Illusive Femme Instagram)!
Wondering: about the little things.
Loving: bed socks, new A Place To Call Home on 7 and warm beds!
Pondering: the future.
Considering: recutting my fringe, even though I’m trying to grow it out!
Watching: The Fosters
Hoping: for good weather on my week off when I Paint The Town Ford!
Marvelling: at how people find is so easy to save money!
Needing: to dye my hair!
Smelling: watermelon hand wash on my paws.
Wearing: green polka dot PJ pants and a grey jumper, sexy!
Following: new IG people.
Noticing: E snores, a lot!
Knowing: change is good.
Thinking: about where the wailing/yelling outside is coming from?
Feeling: wide awake.
Admiring: E’s friend S who is embarking on a mass adventure very soon.
Sorting: through my work bag – it’s a mess!
Buying: winter booties, an aztec print tee and maroon flats.
Getting: angry at the weather.
Bookmarking: articles to read in my downtime.
Disliking: how much phone data I’ve been going through lately.
Opening: my eyes, haha.
Giggling: at E being silly, as usual.
Snacking: on Wonka chocolate… mmm!
Coveting: Hipster glasses.
Wishing: it was Friday, again!
Helping: out at the Blogger Emporium Saturday @ MANY6160 – Perth friends, get involved.
Hearing: Masterchef on the TV – love it!

What are you “needing” this week?

E x

PS – I now have a Facebook page for my blog– if you want a little bit extra, join the fun and like away, or follow my Instagram – theillusivefemme xx


  1. twenty says

    Needing a break in the rain so I can garden.

  2. How awesome is the Little Moments app?! Totally loving it! I’m “needing” to learn the secrets of those people who can save money easily…and if they say “no shopping” then I will understand why – they are crazy!

    • I’m the same Sonia, I can’t NOT shop, it’s a sin! Hahaha. Little Moments is brilliant and so damn cute. 🙂 E x

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