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Like It Local: Delish Ice


Sunshine, on my window, makes me happy, like I should be. I swear winter has been a little bit confused this year. Sunshine galore during the day but freezing cold nights.
Whenever I feel sun on my skin I suddenly crave a sweet, icy treat. Why not? If the sun is out then why shouldn’t I deny myself a summer favourite. So who better to pick the brains of than Delish Ice‘s Katie, the lady behind the ultimate summer icy pole. You’ve probably spotted her retro turquoise van parked at your local hang out over the summer and tasted the sweet, fresh flavours of handmade artisan goodness. If you missed out never fear, she’ll be back, peddling pops in the coming months.


Who is Katie in five words?
Working hard towards her dreams.

What do you do?
Myself and my gorgeous team create delicious, hand crafted ice pops.

Delish Ice began as a random idea a few years ago after realising that there was nothing similar in Perth (or even Australia at the time). I spent the winter planning the business, finding the pop van, giving her a makeover and recipe testing. A few years later and we now have two vintage vans, four cute-as-a-button pop carts and even a Pop Up Shop in Northbridge this summer gone.

Why do you do it?
Delish Ice combines so many things that I love in life – food, business, people and vintage vibes. I love cooking, and I have fun dreaming up different flavour combinations. I loved the challenge of starting a business from the ground up, and the challenge of trying to get all the parts of a successful business to work in cohesion. Going to work in the Pop Van means hanging out in a retro van, frocking up in a cute vintage dress, listening to swinging tunes all day, chatting to people and dishing up pops… what can I say, work is a blast!

What inspires you?
From a food and flavour perspective I love drawing inspiration from cocktails; not just the flavour combinations but also the balance. I spend time looking at sweet treats and popular desserts and working out how I can recreate them into a popsicle.

I also love finding fresh, seasonal, good quality produce and using that ingredient as a base for inspiration and combining it with other flavours to create a tasty pop.

Anything exciting we should look out for in the near future?
It’s hard to say. So many wonderful opportunities have appeared over the last few years… I am sure I’ll have something exciting to announce next season. Our opportunity to have the Pop Up shop last summer in Northbridge was a wonderful case of serendipity… so who knows what the future will bring!

I’ve just spent a bit of popsicle money buying new equipment, which is super exciting. We just couldn’t keep up last year, so this equipment will mean we can create more pops faster, which is amazing.

What is your favourite popsicle flavour?
I have a few depending on my mood or the weather. When it is super hot, I really like a simple refreshing sour lemon pop. The basil and elderflower pops are also an eternal favourite, and I think are really refreshing. Coincidentally they also go exceptionally well with gin.

We make a sour plum and orange pop, which has sugar syrup infused with spices such as cinnamon, cumin, coriander and star anise; totally my kind of flavours.

If I am after something dessert like, then maybe the tiramisu or salted malted caramel.

Sorry… I was only supposed to choose one flavour wasn’t I?


Keep your eyes peeled as the weather heats up for Katie’s retro blue caravan – and I’ll agree, the basil and elderflower is absolutely divine!

What is your favourite Popsicle flavour?

E x


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