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Lunch Club: The Green Bean Organic Store & Cafe, Lathlain

My little sister L has been on a strict diet for the past few weeks but that didn’t stop us from heading out to lunch this weekend.
Just meant we had to go for a healthy option, which gave us the perfect excuse to visit The Green Bean Organic Store and Cafe in Lathlain. A short drive from home, L, E and I weren’t too sure what to expect but we were very surprised. Green Bean is more organic store than cafe, but they do have a few tables tucked in between fruit tea displays and vege chips stands. The cafe is quaint but the staff were very friendly and attentive. L was so excited that she could eat majority of the menu, because we all know hard it is to dine out when dieting.



Everything on the menu is made fresh daily with organically sourced produce. The menu has many choices with ample raw, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options. I decided on the Frittata of the Day with salad ($17.50). Like any good frittata it was crammed full of delicious vegetables and very tasty. Served with three gorgeous salads and spicy tomato relish, it disappeared from my plate very quickly. Mmm. L went with the Zucchini Soup ($11.50). She found it flavoursome, rich and very filling. It smelt wonderful, and you could tell it was homemade. It looked very hearty.




Green Bean boasts they serve the best coffee in Perth, and I’ll tell you it was pretty damn good. They use organic, fair-trade BioBean coffee beans and you could taste the difference. On this occasion I went with a Traditional Long Mac with Soy (regular and coconut milk also available) and I really enjoyed my cuppa.



Even though L was stuffed after her soup, she couldn’t pass up a Raw Cacao Ball ($3.95). We shared the sweet treat, and it was the perfect finish to our lovely meal. I also left a very happy lady after picking up some organic tea by the English Tea Shop at half the price I normally pay at our local deli. Score. Even E was impressed, and she’s the fussiest of the fussy. You know you’ve found a winner when E leaves in a good mood, haha.


Green Bean is one of those places where you can tell that a lot of love goes into the food, and the staff are obviously very passionate about healthy eats. If you’re looking for a hearty, tasty meal, this is your kind of cafe.

What’s your favourite healthy eat?

E x

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