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Why Do I Write?


I recently took up a challenge set by the lovely Mel at Cooks Notebook to continue the “chain” of bloggers currently delving into their minds and discussing why they write. This should be an easy question for a bunch of writers, right, but to be honest it had me stumped!

I thought I knew why I wrote. I know why I put a lot of time and effort into my blog, but I’d never really sat down and focused on my answer.

Why do you write?

I think the main reason I blog is because I’ve always loved writing. As a child I’d cut up magazines and remake my own versions complete with contents page and cover. I also wrote short stories (I wish I knew where they were – think Sweet Valley High inspired, haha).

I went to university for four years and completed a bachelors degree in Journalism & Public Relations. The reason I’ve never formally used my degree is because I’ve realised as I’ve gotten older that I really don’t want to be told what to write and when to write it. The number one priority of a journalist is sticking to a deadline, and I don’t think I could have handled it. Also, the idea of having to write about topics that don’t interest me makes me squirm. It sounds childish, I know, but even though I spent four years of my life honing in on a subject, I’ve come out knowing I want to do it my way. Hey, maybe I’ll start my own magazine one day, then I’d be happy playing journalist.

Blogging can be hard sometimes, but what makes it easier is being able to decide what you want to report on that day. And if you’re feeling lazy or writers block has sunk in then you are your own boss and you don’t have to write if you can’t physically or mentally do it.

How does my writing differ from others in it’s genre?

In terms of my blog differing from other blogs, although I fit into the same “blog genre” as a lot of bloggers, I feel like I have a bit of a different spin on things, and I love the writing part of it all. Yes, I do know bloggers who don’t really enjoy the writing side of things. I found that slightly bizarre, but I guess people have their own reason for doing what they do. Plus the journalism and PR degree has helped. I can’t focus on one specific topic either, so if you want a little bit if everything then this is your blog.

What am I working on?

I’m currently working on part two and three of the Voices of 2014 sponsor challenge for Ford Australia. It’s been a brilliant opportunity and I am so honoured to be involved. I’ve also got an upcoming Like It Local interview with a successful Perth plus sized model on the way that I’m loving – she’s a beauty!

Why do I write what I do?

I love blogging because it allows me to express my colourful, slightly random views on the world in my own space. No rules, no deadlines. Just me. My brain is so full of everything from food to style to appreciating Perth goodness that I can’t hone in on one specific topic so why not mix it up? It works for me!

How does my writing process work?

I don’t have a specific process – I write whenever creativity strikes! And honestly I don’t even have a desk set up (very small apartment), so I blog wherever I am. A lot of blogging happens late at night when I can’t sleep, or have finished an evening shift at work and I need to wind down. But Sunday afternoons are usually dedicated to writing and photo editing.

And now I will “pass the baton” to my fellow bloggers.


Perth blogger Gabrielle is the creative behind Camille Shirley. As a social researcher, blogging gives her an outlet to express other facets of her personality. Her blog is an ode to Perth life, fashionisting and feministing. She can usually be found with either a coffee or a camera in hand, often hiding in the corner.


Cassandra Michelin is a real foodist, a wannabe gardener, aromatherapy oils addict, keen cook and a mum on the quest to raise super natural kids on her urban farm yard on the Northern Beaches. As well as being a total foodie and a bit of a nutrition nerd, she is the creator of the blog Live it, Do it! Via her posts, her goal is to empower people to take control of their health and for parents to be inspired to raise their own super natural kids through simple delicious real foods and toxic free living.

Don’t forget to check out Gabrielle and Cassandra’s blogs next Monday to find out why they write.

Why do you write?

E x


  1. twenty says

    You have the tools and skills from your formal education but run your own show,,,what could be more perfect?

  2. This is what you said exactly to me the other day! I love how you are exactly the same as what you are on your blog! And that is credited to your awesome writing skills and being authentic too of course 🙂

    • I’m an open book my dear! Our convo was thought about also when I sat down and wrote this post haha! You’re too kind xxxxx

  3. Love this and love your website too! I completely understand what you mean. I was always a Literature student who loved to write but I never thought I would actually write for a living because I hated being told what to write. I didn’t want that to take away my love for writing. But now I get to blog, write and write what I like so it’s all good 🙂 Have you got Bloglovin so I can follow your blog? xx Make Me Up Mandy

    • thanks so much Mandy! I’m so glad there are others on the same wavelength… Writing can be whatever you want! 🙂 if you search ‘the illusive femme’ on blog lovin you’ll find me! Too kind xxx

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