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Paint The Town Ford: Family Favourite Foodie Adventures

If you asked me to list my hobbies they’d be reading, writing and food. Food is definitely considered a hobby. And possibly my favourite one.

Growing up with a very mixed cultural background (Italian, Macedonian and English) meant food played a large role in our lives. Some of my earliest memories involve something delicious bubbling on the stove or family gatherings over a mountain of delicacies. Even a regular weeknight meal was an extravagant feast with Mum spending hours preparing beautiful inspired meals for our family.

If there was one thing my parents wanted for my brother, sister and I was for us to get an education. Unless you wanted to be a farmer, labourer or work in a shop there weren’t really a lot of opportunities for those wanting to learn more living in a small town, so to the big smoke we went. Moving to the city was one of the best things I did in my life, but that means being three and a half hours from my parents. It’s a rare occurrence for them to make their way to the city as they run their own business, so when they do manage to get up it’s a weekend long party featuring our family favourite… gathering for food.




My Mum celebrated a special birthday on Friday, so she ventured to the city for a weekend of good eats, champagne and family time. Unfortunately Dad was too busy with work to take time out, so it was a solo trip, but the perfect chance for Mum to have a girly weekend away. My family is definitely one of my favourite things, and I love it when Mum comes to visit. She’s the most supportive, beautiful mum in the entire world and I miss having her around all the time.

Friday night saw a birthday celebration dinner at one of Mum’s favourite local pubs in the suburbs. Clancy’s Fish Pub is a well known Perth eatery boasting an awesome fishy menu, a fabulous beer and wine list and funky decore. It’s one of those spots where you can head after work for a drink, or bring the entire family for a great meal. My grandparents are in their seventies, but they still love a good night out on the town, and the pub was cranking when we arrived. It’s just a beautiful feeling spending time with your family, I am so lucky to have such great parents and a brother and sister who I get along with like a house on fire.




My grandfather is a typical Italian – loud, passionate and an absolute foodie. He’s one of those people who must try every meal on the table before he settles into his own, but that’s just Noo Noo. Nanna is the opposite, she’s stylish and ladylike and adores her champagne. She just loves having Mum in the city regardless of what we’re doing. Mum is a mixture of her parents, but more like Noo Noo’s side. She’s very passionate like her dad, and loves talking with her hands – so granted our party was very loud and very cheery. Apologies to anyone sitting near us, it wouldn’t be our family if we sat in silence.





If you missed the first serve of the three part Paint The Town Ford series, thanks to Kidspot and the Voices of 2014 competition, major sponsor Ford provided me with a stunning new Ford EcoSport Titanium on loan for a few weeks. If you know me, you’ll know I’m a grot and a hoarder and my own car is a bit of lair/wardrobe, but I’ve kept my loan car spick and span since I received it and for the first time I’ve been happy and proud to drive my family around. To be honest, I’m ready to get my own car back just so I can clean it out! I’ve been inspired.

Saturday morning gave E and I the chance to take Mum and my sister L to one of our favourite breakfast spots in Como, Ley Street Cafe. What I love about the EcoSport Titanium is that it’s a compact car, but on the inside it’s very roomy. Curves run in our family, but Mum, L and I managed to sit together comfortably in the back seat while E chauffeured us to and from the cafe. Mum hadn’t actually seen the EcoSport in the flesh and she absolutely loved it. Dad, if you’re reading this Mum really needs a new car and this one would suit her perfectly (and while you’re at it, I’ll have one too please).





I’ve previously reviewed Ley Street Cafe in the past, but since our first visit E and I have claimed the vintage Como spot as our local. It’s a five minute drive from home and we somehow always manage to grab a table. Mum is a caffeine addict (probably where I get it from) and she loved her coffee. The short but sweet menu has recently been updated (can’t wait to try the duck confit) and the new dishes are just as delicious as their usuals. The chance to sit back, relax and enjoy a girly chat over breakfast was the perfect get together.







It’s safe to say I’ve eaten enough for six weeks in the last three days, but who’s complaining.

E x

PS – Guess how we concluded Ma’s visit to Perth? A family cook up at my Nanna’s! Please excuse me while I enjoy a food coma.

As a Top 40 Beauty & Lifestyle Finalist for the Kidspot Voices of 2014 competition, major sponsor Ford Australia provided me with a brand new EcoSport Titanium for six weeks to Paint The Town Ford. This is the second of three posts documenting my adventures in this sexy little vehicle. I can’t say I was a huge car enthusiast in the past but this car has changed my opinion – no wonder people are so obsessed with their wheels! Follow my adventures on Facebook and Instagram – #paintthetownford xx E


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