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Brunch Club: Gusto Food, South Perth


When my friend L suggested a Sunday catch up at Gusto Food in South Perth I was instantly in. Firstly, it is is a two minute drive from home, and secondly they make a gorgeous breakfast. Located on pretty little Angelo Street, Gusto Food boasts a seasonal menu and friendly staff.

The cafe itself is on the small side, but there is the option to sit outside on the street. Thankfully there was a table for two in the window available in the busy cafe, because it was just that little bit too chilly to sit outside on this particular day. L had never been to Gusto before, and wanted to visit after seeing a photograph on Instagram via another food blogger featuring their very popular crumpets. Truth be told, food bloggers know all!




On today’s adventure I went with the Pulled Pork Hollandaise, featuring poached eggs, wilted spinach, onion relish and thick cut toast. When our food arrived (very promptly I must say), I couldn’t get over how much pulled pork they’d piled onto my toast. It was soft, melt in your mouth and very well seasoned. The eggs were perfectly poached (phew) and oozed yolky goodness over the dish. The hollandaise sauce was a little thin for my liking, but with so much going on on my plate it wasn’t an issue. The onion relish came alongside the dish in a shot glass – perfect for people like me who don’t really like the overpowering flavour, and I was happy to add a little to the dish.

L’s crumpets were served with cream, berry and rhubarb compote and peanut gravel, and it was a very pretty dish. The peanut gravel tasted amazing – how they do it I wish I knew. L was very impressed, and yes, the crumpets looked exactly like those she’d seen on Instagram. And can I say they photograph beautifully.




If I haven’t already told you, if I ever go out to brunch with a friend and E is at home it is my duty to bring her back a sweet treat. Gusto’s range of desserts and biscuits were just as lovely as their menu dishes and it was a bit of a struggle to choose a little something for E. After much contemplation I went with the gluten free cupcakes, and they looked so tasty of course I had to get one for myself too, haha!




Fresh, friendly and fast paced, if you love a good coffee and a decadent breakfast, Gusto is the go.

The age old breakfast question, sweet or savoury?

E x

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    Savoury for breakfast. I’d like to try that place sometime.

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