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Like It Local: Nevertheless


If I could spend all of my spare time gazing at pretty girls I probably would (hehe), but I don’t think I could justify this as a hobby. But for Perth freelance fashion illustrator Sheryl Young of Nevertheless, spending her free time gazing at gorgeous ladies is in her job description and recreating them on a blank canvas is her passion.

Her whimsical, feminine pieces feature delicate lines, beautiful colours and the most unique and stunning faces this side of the river. I sat down with Sheryl to find out how she manages a full time graphic design career with sketching beauties, and where we can see her mini exhibit this month.


Who is Sheryl in five words?
A small deer in headlights!

What do you do?
I’m a freelance graphic designer by day but during my free time I love drawing, mainly pretty girls with interesting facial features, expression or style. I decided to take illustration seriously mid last year and since then I have been drawing on a more consistent and constant basis to try and get my skills up to a professional level – I still have heaps to learn.

Why do you do it?
It’s pretty cliché but when I’m drawing, I feel happy. There is something so special when you start off with a blank piece of paper and then after a few hours of carefully placed lines and shading, suddenly there is a face staring back at you.

What inspires you?
So many different things in life inspire me – magazines, books, movies, everyday conversation, blogs, websites, social media. However, I usually draw from fashion photography and I have so many random photos of girls on my phone, tablet and computer that it’s probably verging on the creepy stage! I need more time so I can draw them all.

Anything exciting we should look out for in the near future?
I am having my first solo exhibition this month, it’s a mini one but I think it’s a good entry way to the world of exhibiting. It is at Ruck Rover in Northbridge all throughout August. There will be original pencil artwork and prints on display and for sale.

I’ve also been commissioned for some portraits recently and it has been such a wonderful and touching experience. I’m so deeply honoured to be invited to draw someone’s portrait because it is such a private and personal thing.

What has been your favourite illustration you’ve created and why?
I think my most recent ‘Wallflower’ illustration was a really good challenge, there was so much detail involved in drawing the floral headpiece – it made my eyes go cross-eyed several times looking at the reference so intently for hours. I’m proud that I didn’t abandon the piece when it felt like it was going to take me the next 20 years.


Head down to Ruck Rover in Northbridge this month and have a look at Sheryl’s gorgeous ladies – and perhaps you can take one home with you. I know who I’ve got my eye on!

E x


  1. I love the one with the peacock feathers, it has such a beautiful soul. Gorgeous work and Sheryl sounds like a beautiful soul herself. x

  2. I can’t thank you enough E for the interview, I feel myself blushing reading every word but I’m very grateful for your support x

    Thank you also to the sweet folks who have left charming messages!

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