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Paint The Town Ford: Road Trippin’


Pure, uninterrupted serenity. The feeling of having no responsibility. Complete peace. But let us touch on that later. I begin this post as the rain beats down on the tin roof of our “traditional” log chalet.

Five hours drive south of Perth, the quaint little town of Denmark is positively dreamy. Why was I five hours from home you ask? All in the name of Paint The Town Ford. If you missed the first and second serve of the three part series, thanks to Kidspot and the Voices of 2014 competition, major sponsor Ford provided me with a stunning new Ford EcoSport Titanium on loan for a few weeks. Having said that, a brand new car is the perfect excuse to take a little time off work and go on a road trip, right?

I’m a country kid at heart, but I couldn’t even remember the last time I visited Denmark. According to Mum we visited as children, but I can barely remember my work roster let alone a visit that long ago. E and I managed to score a few days off work to really experience all the EcoSport Titanium has to offer. Why Denmark you ask? Because it’s a beach side town in the bush, the best of both worlds.




My last proper holiday was a week long adventure in Bali for a wedding late last year. I did zoom over to Sydney in April for the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Masterclass, but that fabulous whirlwind weekend was manic and not one bit relaxing. The entire idea for this escape to the south was enjoying the drive, exploring the tiny town and its surrounds and spending some much needed time away from reality. Honestly we didn’t even care if we left our chalet, we just needed to chill.

Driving in the city is one thing, but taking the EcoSport Titanium onto the open road was a completely different experience. Windows down, dodgy flashback tunes playing via USB – a mixture of old school punk, rap and the odd screamo track (you can plug your entire music library into the car via Ford’s SYNC system) and enough lollies to feed a five year old birthday party and we were off. I also had to keep my mum informed of our hourly locations (worry wart) and this was made easy with the ability to call her hands free via Bluetooth whilst driving! A simple button push on the steering wheel and the clever computer automated system called Mum at home. It felt very strange talking to the EcoSport, but she talked back so I guess that is okay! E and I took turns driving, giving me the chance to sit back and enjoy the ride.





There is no better feeling than a completely empty mind. Being on holiday in what felt like the middle of nowhere with zero responsibilities, no cats to feed, no dishes requiring washing and no work to attend was the strangest feeling and something I wish I felt more often. Complete clarity and ease. E was the same. Her constant, nagging shoulder pain disappeared and all her stresses didn’t matter. It was a holiday for the mind as much as the spirit.

My good friend C had visited Denmark a few months prior, and she was kind enough to sort us out with a list of the best spots to visit on our escape. As well as the wineries, we also stumbled across a meadery, artisan cheese factory and various other gourmet delights. I’m guessing I put on about 2kg of pure bread and cheese whilst away – no regrets!





Greens Pool and Elephant Cove are a must see for anyone visiting the gorgeous town. I’m not the sportiest of people and stupidly wore flats to the beach, and whilst trying to take photos of the majestic ocean E decided to run away from me across the rocks. If you need a laugh, imagine me trying to run on the slippery wet ground in ballet flats without falling over. Disastrous. We also discovered a gorgeous secluded little cove hidden between the rocks. Obviously it was a local secret, because the etched in “locals only” sign left us feeling very sneaky. Sorry! The EcoSport Titanium was so smooth on the gravel beach roads, probably due to the 200mm ground clearance, but I’ll tell you it was in desperate need of a trip to the car wash post holiday!







If you’re thinking of visiting Denmark I highly recommend our accommodation choice. The Ark of Denmark is truly unique. Two self contained chalets on a private property only a few minutes drive from Denmark town centre in the middle of the forest. E and I opted for “The Yurt” – a rustic two story log cabin surrounded by trees. The cabin features glass windows on every wall, giving a “one with nature” feeling. Taking a shower surrounded by beautiful views of the trees was completely exhilarating (don’t worry, there were no creepers around) and falling asleep to rain on a tin roof was magical. When I say the entire cabin was glass I mean it, so waking up at sunrise was a given. I’d normally be grumpy waking up so early, but opening my eyes to rays of sunshine through the scrub was so surreal. It almost felt as if I was up in the trees. The Yurt’s resident guard dog Charli was also a pleasant and friendly surprise and we woke up both mornings to a pile of sticks on the front verandah. I guess she wanted to play! E’s greatest achievement whilst away was building and keeping the log fire going all evening – girl power! The entire experience was magic, and I wish we could have stayed forever. There’s always next holiday.





E x

As a Top 40 Beauty & Lifestyle Finalist for the Kidspot Voices of 2014 competition, major sponsor Ford Australia provided me with a brand new EcoSport Titanium for six weeks to Paint The Town Ford. This is the final of three posts documenting my adventures in this sexy little vehicle. I can’t say I was a huge car enthusiast in the past but this car has changed my opinion – no wonder people are so obsessed with their wheels! Follow my adventures on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. twenty says

    Great advertising, not only for Ford but for the town of Denmark. The bush and the beach all in one hit, what could be better? Beautiful photos. (nice that you thought to calm your Mother!)

  2. Photos are extremely beautiful. You forgot to mention the delicious fudge that you bought for your lucky little sister YUM

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