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Q & A – Liebster Award


The Liebster Award is one of those things that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
Basically it’s an acknowledgement between bloggers to let them know you’re digging their blog and want to spread love. I have much respect for bloggers – the amount of time and effort they put into sharing their world deserves a real medal in my book! Last week I was nominated by fellow bloggers Sonia of Sonia Styling (one of the best) and Hayley of Primping Perth (a glam girl who knows her beauty) to complete their questions and blogger love sharing. As I’ve previously completed the award post I thought I’d simply answer the questions and shout out to a few other blogs I’m loving right now.

Questions by Primping Perth

1. When and why did you start your blog?

Even though I really started blogging “full time” in January, my blog has been live for about two years now. In the past I’d write something every now and then but I never really became serious about it till this year. I actually started it because I wanted to be involved in TPFF Restyle (a blogging op-shop challenge) but at that point I think I had about three posts on the blog… Haha. You can read more about why I write here.

2. My skincare essential is…

Moisturiser. I suffer from an autoimmune disorder that has resulted in majorly dry skin (plus it’s very sensitive anyway) so I need to keep it hydrated. I usually use the Nivea AquaSense, but I’ve really been converted to Ainhoa Hydra-Vital. Anything light and not too greasy for me please.

3. How do you stay fit and healthy?

I hate exercise. Like, hate it. I’d rather write a two thousand word essay on Vegemite than go for a walk. We live right on the Swan River (the perfect place to walk in Perth) but I’ll admit I’ve only been for a walk there once! I’m not sure what it is but ugh, haha. So I’m certainly not fit! I just try and eat well during the week and I love cooking from Michelle Bridge’s cook books.

4. What’s your favourite fashion brand?

Anything from ASOS. I love affordable fashion. I change my style and likes too often for expensive clothing. Dangerfield has some fantastic retro dresses too. Anything a little bit quirky or colourful.

5. Real fur: yay or nay?

Nay. I just imagine someone skinning our kitties for a jacket. Sick.

6. I couldn’t go to the beach without…

Coconut oil. A book. Water.

7. If you could resurrect any beauty products from their discontinued graves, which ones would you pick?

One of my favourite red lipsticks by Maybelleine no longer exists, but I probably don’t need another red lipstick so it’s okay!

8. What are your favourite hair products?

Moroccan oil. Mousse for ponytail days. Bobby pins. Hair donuts.

9. Who are your style icons?

Alexa Chung. Lily Allen. Zoey Deschanel as Jess in New Girl.

10. What’s your top blogging tip?

Be yourself. Obvious I know, but it’s the truth. You are unique, copying other people will be seen a mile off!

11. My favourite place in the world is…

Home, in my bed.

Questions by Sonia Styling

1. Which song do you consider your Personal Anthem and why?

Fancy – Iggy Azaela. No seriously, it changes weekly. I tend to connect to loads of tunes. Tegan and Sara know exactly what I’m thinking most of the time though.

2. What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?

My gorgeous work friends P & K buy me coffee when I’m broke because they can’t stand to see me drink the instant, haha. And my family have done too many things to list!

3. If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

It’d probably have to be black because at least I could jazz it up with bright lipstick and bling.

4. If you were invisible, where would you go?

I think I’d listen in on people’s conversations – that’s the nosy journalist in me! I’d also go shopping. A lot.

5. You’ve just won the lottery. What would be your first money-is-no-object indulgent purchase?

A Ford EcoSport Titanium, haha, I miss it so much already. And a cottage somewhere central, I’ve always wanted a little old house.

6. What are you famous for in your group of friends?

Being loud and silly. That’s fine by me!

7. What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already?

Tolerance. Differences. Don’t get me started!

8. Which restaurant would you most like to dine at – anywhere in the world?

Heston’s restaurant. I love his idea of scientific food!!

9. If you were a cocktail, which one would you be and why?

Caprioska – sweet with a bit of zing!

10. How do you want to be remembered?

That girl who was comfortable in her own skin. And could write… 🙂

If you’re looking for some new blogs to follow, here are my current top six.


1. Inspiring Wit – fashion, style and a peek into blogger Jenelle’s life. She’s currently part of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Restyle challenge – so if you’re an op shop fan her blog is brimming with thrifted goodness.

2. BabyMac – Beth is one hilarious lady! Her blog isn’t just a peek into her world, it’s a full blown open book. I love an honest blogger with a sense of humour!

3. Style & Shenanigans – Vanessa’s wardrobe is insane. The amount of colour and pizzazz, I’m finding inspiration every time I pop on by.

4. Lovethymuse – Miss Heidi isn’t just a kind spirit, she’s also got great personal style and the cutest kitchen ever. I’ve been bookmarking her latest recipes for a rainy weekend bake off!

5. A Treasure Trove – the Melbourne based illustrator’s blog is a feed of glam girlies – what’s not to like? Find her latest inspiration and lady-loves as well as her latest designs.

6. Suger Coat It – I love Melissa’s confidence and wardrobe. She knows how to rock pretty much any outfit and she’s a bling queen.

I’m feeling warm and fuzzy! Are you? Which blogs are you loving at this moment?

E x


  1. Thank you for adding me in! So sweet! I can’t get over you and that car- seriously that is so cool! I want to go on another road trip up North along the coast. We went for one day in Summer and it was stunning and so quiet.
    New Girl is the best! xx

    • No worries sweet! I’m loving your blog – particularly since the “revamp” – very cool. Hahaa, yeah I’m so grateful for the car and the Voices of 14 Comp – it’s been brilliant! I want the car back already, haha. That sounds like a gorgeous roadtrip, getting away is so good for the mind x

  2. Morning Miss Illusive Femme! Thank you so much for the kind words! You have brought a big smile to my face and I am so glad to have met you in this crazy blogging world. Catch up soon xx

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