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Brunch Club: Hangout Bar N Cafe, Como


Let’s start this a little bit graphically. When you’re physically salivating as you bring your coffee cup up to your lips, it’s obviously going to be a goodie. This isn’t my first visit to Hangout Bar N Cafe, and it won’t be the last.

It’s close to home, sports an impressive menu and is the perfect pitstop before a morning of running errands. One must be fuelled up before the important things, right? E and I decided on Hangout on this particular morning because firstly we hadn’t been in a while, and secondly it featured in the Entertainment Book with a cool 25% off. Sold.

The cafe itself is slick, dark and kind of sexy. A fire roars in the corner, the bar is filled with many a fine wine and mirrors above the tables gives the small cafe and bar a larger feel. On this particular morning Usher was playing over the sound system and we were feeling the vibes. Groovy. Staff were very professional, but not as friendly as I’m used to. We all have our days. Since our last visit the menu has changed slightly, and as soon as I spotted the Blue Cheese Mushroom Crepe with Asparagus ($17) I’d made up my mind. Cheese, mushrooms and a fluffy crepe to mop up the creamy sauce? Yes please. It was everything I’d imagined. The mushrooms were cooked perfectly, and the sauce was absolutely divine. Blue cheese is normally very strong and overpowering, but the subtly in this dish was perfect. The crepe was thin, slightly sweet (to balance the cheese) and went beautifully with the freshness and crunch of the asparagus. This dish is a winner, and I felt very French and very naughty ordering such a decadent meal for breakfast, but you only live once, right? Even E was keen to try my breakfast! She was also very impressed.






E’s usual (when will she try something new?) Eggs Hollandaise ($16) was served with crispy bacon and thick cut toast. It looked very tasty. No complaints from Miss Fussy. Everything was on par.

After dark Hangout becomes a sexy little wine bar with a festive, decadent menu, so if you can’t make breakfast there is always dinner. Or if you’re in the mood for a movie the iconic Cygnet Theatre is a few doors down. Como is a lovely little area, I don’t know why we don’t visit more often.

Are you a fan of a French breakfast?

E x

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  1. twenty says

    The crepes look delicious !! A bit of Usher in the background doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Lawry says

    Lovely blog.

    You should shareon Perth Foodies Facebook group.


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