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Brunch Club: The Sparrow’s Nest, Victoria Park

Catching up with a friend midweek for brunch is a bit of a luxury. It doesn’t happen too often because I work full time, but when it does I love getting up early and embracing the day.

With no work and a free morning, my friend V and I caught up in Victoria Park for a good coffee, good conversation and a tasty brunch. The Sparrow’s Nest has been a Vic Park local favourite for a while, but the cafe has recently moved a few hundred metres down the highway into a super cute space closer to the rest of the cafe strip, and of course we had to check out the upgrade.

I love the look of the new shop. It’s quirky, rustic and feels very warm and comfortable when you step in the door. The wooden furniture and turquoise colour scheme is gorgeous and a lovely old piano against a wall of gig posters is a fun feature. A “puppy rehydration station”, vintage china and sweet potted shrubs creates a very chilled out vibe, very “make yourself at home”. Yes please.





The breakfast menu is small and very easy to decipher – no need to google ingredients which makes for a very nice change. You will find the usual breakfast choices with a few twists. I went with the Vegetarian Breakfast on this particular morning. It featured fried eggs, thick cut turkish toast, mushrooms, wilted spinach, hash browns, tomato and baked beans. My only suggestion for the girls is I would have liked to have seen homemade hash browns and beans alongside the big brekky usuals. The eggs were perfectly cooked sunny side up and everything tasted extremely fresh. It definitely hit the spot! The kitchen is also semi-open to the dining area so if you are nosy like I am and enjoy watching your breakfast bring cooked, this is your place!

V’s Spanish omelette disappeared from his plate pretty quickly, but we agreed it probably should of been served with a side of toast. He’s a growing boy after all!





But the coffee… I could find no faults. The Sparrow’s Nest boasts an extensive coffee and drinks menu with a range of specialty coffees. The Crema Brûlée was the highlight of my brunch experience. Rich, creamy, sweet and slightly crunchy, it tasted exactly like the real deal. A lot of time and effort went into making that coffee and I was really impressed. I don’t think I’ve had anything like it and it was the little things like the crisp, sugary goodness that topped the tasty treat that made it the highlight. I’ll definitely be back to try their other coffee specials.

The staff are super friendly and attentive, and you can tell they actually do care about their patrons experience. You can see they are looking for suggestions for improvement, and they want the feedback! I know I’ll be back to try the lunch menu.




Welcome to your new home ladies, I hope it treats you well.

Are you a flavoured coffee fan?

E x

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  1. twenty says

    Another nice place I need to get to one of these days…..

  2. By far my favourite place in town.
    Like the bar from “cheers”, it’s that place everyone knows your name.
    Not only is the coffee and food amazing , but the staff… Amazing, to say the very least!

    • Firstly, great name hahaa! Secondly, it’s such a nice feeling to find a place to call “home” when you’re out with friends. Totally get what you mean about the staff – they were great! E x

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