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To BB Or Not To BB?


E sent me an email last week filled with smiley faces and exclamation marks. Why was she so happy? Because she’d decided she was spending the weekend “spring cleaning”, because, you know, that’s what you do at the beginning of Spring. My reply was less enthusiastic and I refused to spend my weekend dusting blinds and rearranging trinkets, but of course I let her go with it.

Thankfully I’d made a few plans over the weekend so “sadly” I wouldn’t be around to help with the cleaning party.

I got home Friday afternoon after popping out to see my friend C to find E in the bathroom. This is where it gets a little bit crazy… She was de-cluttering my beauty drawer and had proceeded to throw out all my old products. Shock horror. I knew her intentions were good but I’d never seen her like this – a mad look in her eye chucking out all the things I “didn’t use”. I love you sweetie, but if I need twenty five lipsticks and three different types of hand cream that is my prerogative. I managed to pull a few things out of the rubbish bag including my hair donut (wtf!) but something went into the bin that shouldn’t have, and fast forward 24 hours and this girl was raging!

Getting ready to head out to my friends birthday party Saturday night saw my usual pre-party ritual. Shower, hair, choose outfit, moisturise, prime. After the primer comes the foundation. But my foundation was nowhere to be seen. After rustling through my drawer for a few seconds rage hit… My darling E had thrown it away!

Me: Babe, did you see my foundation when you were cleaning?
E: No.
Me: It was a pink Australis one, looked pretty scabby because I didn’t have much left.
E: *silence*
Me: Baby?????
E: Um… I think I threw it out. But it was empty and if you wanted it you should have taken it out of the rubbish bag.
Me: BABY!!! You will never go through my stuff again. What am I going to do?
E: What about that BB Cream that Garnier sent you?

* choir of angels singing *

The BB cream. Night saved. I only discovered BB cream a few months back and I’ve been wearing it to work when I don’t have time to put on a full face of make up. Perfect opportunity to give my new Garnier BB Cream a spin, since I was foundation-less and raging, it’d have to do. Change is good (isn’t it?).

BB (blemish balm or beauty balm) Cream is said to be the ultimate time saving beauty product as it is the all in one alternative to your usual five-step beauty regime. The miracle balm is said to substitute not only moisturiser, primer and sunscreen but also concealer and foundation. I’ll admit I was a little bit scared to go foundation-less to the party, but the closest late night chemist that may have sold a decent product was half an hour away and I was already running late. To BB or not too BB… That was the question. But I had no choice. I BB’ed.

The application process was very different compared to foundation as the Garnier BB Cream was quite thin and hydrating. No pancake face in my bathroom tonight! All I did was smooth the cream into my skin and it sunk in and disappeared with a lovely matte finish! Wow. My rage slowly faded as I finished applying the “photoshop in a bottle” to my face. As angry as I was about my beauty products sitting in a garbage bin and having to change my beauty regime, my skin was looking damn good without any foundation. So good I took about fifteen selfies in the car on the way to the party. #nofilter


What did I learn this weekend…?

1. As much as you love your partner you should NEVER, EVER throw out their belongings in a cleaning spree. It’s kind of crazy.
2. BB should stand for Babe’n Blogger!
3. Change is good.

Are you afraid of change? Has your partner ever “cleaned” out your cupboard resulting in disaster? Are you a BB cream fan?

E x

Thanks to Kidspot Voices of 2014 and sponsor Garnier I was invited to take part in the #InnovativeBeauty Challenge. I was gifted the new Garnier BB Cream for the competition, but all opinions are my own. It’s photoshop in a bottle.


  1. Hahahahah “choirs of angels singing”. Too funny!!! :)) Glad you found something that worked! I have never tried a BB cream before. The name makes me chuckle but I’ve seen so many reviews about them and have heard mixed reviews. They seem pretty good though!

  2. twenty says

    If my other half ever cleaned anything at all I’d probably die of the shock !!

  3. I’ve only found one BB Cream that I like, which I blogged about recently. I tried this one, but alas, didn’t give me good coverage, and the only areas it lasted where in my dry patches!
    Just shows everyone’s skin is different! x

  4. Oh I’m a massive OCD’er when it comes to spring clean outs. When hubby goes away I higher a skip & clean out the garage! Lol I use everything that’s in there anyway so he wouldn’t have a clue.
    I know he’s key must keep pieces though.
    I’ve used the bb cream & granier one is nice & light, just think maybe should of gotten a shade lighter…

    • As long as your hubby doesn’t notice then that is completely fine! Hahahaah. He must have ALOT of crap if you need to order a skip! Go girl! As long as he doesn’t throw out your stuff then that is a-okay Hahaah! Thanks for stopping by sweet 🙂 X

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  7. Jenna says

    I actually found this BB cream to be crappy, soo many better ones on the market compared to this. Body Shop beats this hands down, on application, feel and look after applying.

    • How surprising Jenna! I guess everyone’s skin is different. Glad you found the Body Shop one worked for you. 🙂

  8. Jaime says

    I read this article ages ago and it just popped up then on another site as an article I might enjoy reading!

    Funny because I actually use this BB cream in light and love it. Mostly because it is the perfect shade for me and cuts down on time in the mornings. Its a winner for me!

    • Hahaha, how random! Clearly you were meant to read it again 🙂 It is such a winner, I totally agree! Have you tried the Miracle Cream? I think it is my new favourite! x

  9. Paula Power says

    It’s Amazing I get asked every day what makeup are you using its Beautiful you will never use anything else flawless Amazing !!!

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