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Brunch Club: Opal Cafe, Northbridge


If you’re looking for a simple but tasty meal in a spacious, airy spot then Opal Cafe fits the bill perfectly. The Northbridge eatery is light and bright and the perfect place to meet up with friends.

Our party of five met up at the cafe on a gorgeous weekend morning for a much needed catch up and a bite of brunch. We decided on the cafe after we noticed they featured in the 2014 Entertainment Book – we all love a good deal!

The cafe is very spacious, which is becoming more and more rare these days with hole in the wall style cafes becoming very popular. Opal is huge in comparison, with light coloured furnishings and ceiling to floor glass windows. It’s a very simple looking cafe, but very well suited to the space. Homely trinkets and beautiful light shades bring the room together and as we’d reserved a table for our “five some” we were seated near the window.




The menu has your usual breakfast fare, with a few interesting ingredients featured including black pudding (eek!). As I was not feeling blood sausage I went with a twist on my usual favourite, the Spinach and Ricotta Hotcakes with Bacon, Tomato Relish, Hollandaise and Roquette Salad ($18.50). While the dish looked beautiful, I was a little disappointed as the hotcakes were a little flat and not as springy as I’m used to. The bacon was cooked well and the tomato relish was spicy and flavoursome but I was a little underwhelmed. There were mixed reviews around the table. CW’s Benedict ($16) was a winner, with her eggs cooked perfectly and she couldn’t get enough of the home made salsa and hollandaise. D’s Slow Cooked Pork Belly and Slaw Sandwich with homemade aioli ($11) disappeared off his plate in seconds. The pork was full of flavour and melt in your mouth. C’s Vegetarian Breakfast ($21.50) was your usual hash brown and mushroom affair, but she wasn’t too impressed when they initially served her a regular big breakfast. Giving sausages and bacon to a vegetarian is not a good idea. When the mistaken meal was replaced with her original order she was satisfied, but nothing really stood out to her. Poor V was given the completely wrong dish but he was too hungry to complain. He did enjoy his accidental Salmon Benedict ($16), but I think he was looking forward to the Salmon, Beetroot and Feta ($16.50) he’d actually ordered.




Coffee and juice were great. V is a huge Chai fan and he swears Opal has the best Chai Latte ($5) in town! And their latte art was simply gorgeous. I’m keen to give Opal Cafe a second chance, because they really do have the potential and the food was very fresh and tasty. Menu issues aside it’s a lovely little cafe for a quick bite and a coffee with friends.

Would you send back a meal if you were not happy?

E x

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  1. My husband had a birthday here with his best friend a few years ago (before we got together!). They booked it for the night and the food wasn’t bad considering there were around 60 of us! Perth is getting pretty spoilt with good brunch places now!

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