The Fear


Tuesday started like most Tuesday’s. I woke up, showered, got in the car, drove to Fremantle. But wait, I don’t work in Fremantle! That is because I had a dreaded appointment I’d been preparing myself for for two months. Two months of avoidance and denial.

Two months to prepare myself for something I knew was coming but I really didn’t want to hear. Two months of a niggling voice reminding me what was imminent, but I just didn’t want to accept. Two months wait to see an oral surgeon to plan the date of my wisdom teeth removal.

Some of you may be rolling your eyes thinking I’m being very dramatic right now, but I’m sure many of you will agree my stress, ignorance and avoidance was warranted. I hate the dentist!!!!!!!!! I’ve never been a fan of people poking and prodding me. And that drill…. Ugh. But when I felt intense pain in my wisdom tooth way back in July and ended up bed ridden I knew the time had come.

The surgery is scheduled for the end of October, and being the scaredy cat I am I’ve opted to be knocked out while they remove the problematic chompers. Four problematic chompers to be exact. I must be very wise. Although I’m pretty terrified of being sedated, I’m more afraid of the recovery. I have a few lovely friends who have described the horrors of recuperating post op. Bruising, chipmunk swelling, lock jaw, mouth spasms. I’ve heard it all. Some have said they needed weeks off work (!!!), others said they were back to work in a few days. One crazy lady had her tooth taken out in the chair, awake, and was back to work the following morning. Mum told me her tale of requiring a week plus at home after an anaesthesia reaction. Gulp. I’m praying I’ll be so doped up I don’t remember a thing – especially the pain.

Thankfully my lovely E has already booked time off work to nurse me back to health. I think she was excited to play carer and purée my food for me… Mmmm. But the main issue I’m paranoid about is not being able to smoke. Non-smokers won’t be able to comment on this but those who do (sadly) smoke like I do, how would you handle this? Should I get a patch? My surgeon kindly suggested it’d be the perfect opportunity for me to quit but even the idea of someone cutting into my jaw makes me crave nicotine to “calm” my nerves. I’ve been asked to cut my daily cigarette intake by thirds whilst recovering. Gulp. Watch this space.

Here is where I need your advice my fabulous readers. Tell me everything you know/remember about having your wisdom teeth removed. Any recipe ideas you’d recommend that taste okay once puréed? Calm my nerves!

E x


  1. I had 2 of mine done while knocked out. I would say take a week away. The less you do while recovering the better, it’s likely to heal faster x I went back to work a couple days after, silly me! It took longer to recover after that…

    • I’ve got 4 days off so I’m hoping that will be enough! I’m a sook though and knowing my body it’ll take twice as long to heal haha. Thanks lovely x

  2. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago at SJOG Murdoch. It would be too late know for this to be of use but I think choosing your dentist/oral surgeon carefully makes a world of difference. Their technique and expertise will make a huge impact on your healing. My oral surgeon was fantastic and my bruising and swelling immediately following the surgery was minimal.
    If you are given a certain amount of time off, take it even if you feel well. You don’t want to return to work to soon and overuse your mouth (by talking!) that will disrupt your stitches/sutures. Food wise I can’t help you. I was STARVING and came home to eat a lunch of lasagne and potato gems. Yep! I chewed small bites with my front teeth and swallowed.

    • Thanks so much girly! I’m having the surg done at SJOG Murdoch too and I chose a specialist oral surgeon recommended by my colleagues at work. I do feel comfortable he’ll do a good job I’m just freaking out. Potato gems sound like the perfect post op meal. Must note that down!

  3. twenty says

    Soup, yoghurt, custard, mashed vegies etc etc……………and nothing tooooo hot or toooooo cold. You will be fine, I just know it.

  4. I hope I’m not the ‘crazy lady’ you mentioned haha 🙂 really overcooked cheesy risotto is amazing once you get over the sweet stuff like jelly and oatmeal 🙂

  5. almostjaneblog says

    I had my wisdom tooth taken out in the chair awake, a few weeks ago. You are doing the right thing being knocked out! I was in pain for about a week; but nurofen every four hours kept the pain at bay. I had no swelling, black eyes etc. I don’t know if it’s allowed, (so check with your oral surgeon!) but I used bonjella on my gums, around, not directly on, the wound site and that helped too. As for smoking, I am an ex smoker, I would recommend patches over that time. They were pretty effective for me when I had attempted to give up smoking in the past. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for your advice! I didn’t even think about Bonjella but that’s a great idea… And I’ll def have to get patches I think. It might give me the push to quit smoking for good!!! I’m so amazed you actually got it done in the chair…. This freaks me out so much. I can’t imagine being awake!

      Thanks for stopping by x E

  6. I could barely read your post I was cringing do much. I loathe the dentist!! I haven’t been in three years because I am such a scaredy cat!! I know, I know – ridiculous! I hope it all went really well for you, poor darling. x

    • Aww you cutie! It’s all happening end of Oct so I have a few weeks to mentally prepare. I’m cringing too, don’t you worry about that!!! Three years, you’re so naughty haha! I don’t know what the issue is with dentists being so horrible – they’re only trying to help us… Xx

  7. I had all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth surgically removed under general anaesthetic. I’m not going to lie – it wasn’t a pleasant recovery. I looked like Gwyneth Paltrow…in Shallow Hal (with added bruising down my neck) and I developed a dry socket in my bottom right …um, hole. I’ll spare you the rest of the details but just take it very easy and stock up on all your fave mushy liquidy foods. Best of luck!

    • Thanks Son. The words “dry socket” made me queasy.. Ahaha but I’d rather know what to expect! I will def start stocking mushy faves as the date gets closer xx

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