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RECIPE: Goodbye Damage


If you follow the blog you’ll know I’ve been on a mission to grow my hair out for summer. I’ve never been a huge hair extensions fan, so all I could really do was let it grow. Yes, that “lovely” song from Frozen came into my head too. Sorry. I’ve tried lengthening and strengthening shampoo and conditioner which is definitely working, but there was one thing I forgot about when I decided to grow out my mop.

Something impossibly frustrating and horrendous. Split ends. They’re inevitable, especially because I do straighten, curl and/or blow dry my hair on a daily basis. I know I know, the best way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off, but being the DIY savvy girl I am I scouted the internet for an alternative to getting the snip. And I found the perfect “recipe” for smooth, silky, split free locks. Jackpot. It’s time to reveal a masterpiece.

Today on Cooking With Emma I’m whipping up a Split Ends Serum to ban those split ends for good.





– fruit
– sugary sweetness
– serum
– binding agent
– an open mind to create


1. Don your best fifties house wife style garb – cooking isn’t fun without a costume.

2. Fluff around in the kitchen. Make it look like you’re doing something complicated, when it really is that simple.

3. Make a mess. Obviously if the kitchen is a mess you’ve created a masterpiece.

4. Mix together all ingredients, beside the open mind to create, you’ll probably need that in the future.

5. Ignore said mess and recipe and reveal the Garnier Goodbye Damage Split End Serum – because nothing compares to a product by a well trusted and innovative brand.



Garnier’s Goodbye Damage Split End Serum is heaven sent. As much as I love a good DIY beauty recipe, when it comes to hair care, particularly important facets, I want to know that what I’m using is going to work without all the fuss (and mess) of doing it yourself. The product is so simple, smells absolutely delicious and doesn’t leave your hair feeling or looking greasy like a lot of products do. Or if you just want a bit of extra shine in your day, you can smooth it through your ends to add extra silkiness and glow.

How does it work? The serum binds and seals split ends back together and because it is packed with Alma Fruit Oil there is none of that ‘chemical’ smell you find with some hair products. The process is so easy too. All you’re doing is evenly distributing the product through your freshly washed hair (the Goodbye Damage Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect match), focusing on your split ends. Since I’ve been using the product for a few weeks I’ve noticed the serum has tamed my frizzies and my ends are not looking as ratty as they used to. Garnier has created a winner in my book. And I’ve created zero mess on my journey to fresh, smooth hair. Goodbye damage, hello silky smooth tresses.


E x

Thanks to Kidspot Voices of 2014 and sponsor Garnier I was invited to take part in the #InnovativeBeauty Challenge. I was gifted the new Garnier Goodbye Damage Split End Serum and Shampoo and Conditioner Duo for the competition, but all opinions are my own. I’m feeling positively shiny!


  1. twenty says

    What a great post, with great pics, great theme and what looks to be a great product. Fantastic !!

  2. Hahaha i love this!! You are definitely not ‘creating’ unless you’re making a mess lol. Also, I looooove your dress!

    • I know right, you have to create a mess to create a masterpiece hahaa! THANKYOU! It was a dangerfield one from last summer, and it was on sale haha!

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