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Frocktober 2014


If you follow my Instagram you’ll notice I’ve been donning the dresses over the last few days because I’ve decided to play along with Frocktober. Thirty one days, thirty one dresses (and no outfit repeating, I have over seventy frocks)! Rain, hail or shine. All the in the name of promoting awareness and dollars for ovarian cancer research.

Here’s a little bit more about Frocktober from the official website…

“Frocktober raises funds and awareness for ovarian cancer research, through dress-related fun! In the month of October, we encourage people all over Australia to wear frocks, make frocks, draw frocks, remember frocks and hold frock-related events in the name of this important cause.

There is currently no early detection test for ovarian cancer. This Frocktober is your chance to change this story.

Instead of buying something new this Frocktober, we want you to get creative. Frocktober is about re-finding something old, borrowing from friends and family, or discovering something at the op shop. What an adventure.”

As you may have noticed I haven’t set up my own official “donation” page because I’ve decided to do things a little differently this year. For every like I receive on my thirty one Frocktober Instagram pictures I’ve decided to donate a set figure per like. The figure is not a lot but who knows how many likes I’ll receive on my snaps this month, and it’ll all add up! Hopefully I’ll get hundreds of likes, so like away friends. I’ve decided to split my donation between fellow bloggers and dress donning ladies Kimba of KimbaLikes and Vicki of The Fashionable Mum at the end of the month. To follow their Frocktober journey’s pop over to their blogs.

Keep track of my dress-wearing via my Instagram profile or #frocktobertheillusivefemme and if you want to donate to cancer research there are so many ladies involved – you might even know one yourself!

Are you participating in Frocktober?

E x

PS – I don’t think I’ve shaved my legs this often in the last three months. Haha!

PPS – Big smooches to E and my friend K for their daily snaps of my dresses!


  1. twenty says

    Never heard of Frocktober till now but what a great idea and cause. Your frocks are lovely by the way !!

  2. I absolutely love this idea and wish I had heard of it sooner! I may have to join the party – better late than never, right? Also, your dress is darling and I can’t wait to see the rest of you’re Frocktober posts on instagram! 🙂

    • You can absolutely join in! What you said hun – better late than never!!! It’s been a lot of fun so far but I’m starting to run out of work appropriate dresses haha! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 xx

  3. I love your idea of making a donation for every like. I’ve only really discovered dresses in the last couple of years having spent my life in either jeans, shorts or skirts but I’m a complete convert now and cant pass an op shop without checking them out.

    • Thanks Sarah ! I thought I would try something a little different! I’m stating to miss pants hahaha but I will persevere 🙂 Thanks for stopping by xx

  4. That’s clever to donate per like. I laughed when you mentioned about shaving the legs. It was such a beautiful day on Saturday that we decided to drive up to Manly beech with the kids so I popped on a dress & was like noooo my legs… Quick whip out of the electric shaver at the back of the cupboard. I seldom use it but it comes in hand for said such emergencies. Best of luck fund raising! x

    • One of the many problems about being a lady! Haha. That sounds like a beautiful day Kim – thank god for the electric razor!!! I might have to invest in one of those!!!

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