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Brunch Club: Cuppa Joe, North Perth


Give me sunshine and a good coffee and I’m one happy girl. This particular morning saw V, Lu and I gather in North Perth for a gossip session and a tasty breakfast. I’d been itching to visit the cafe, assuming a coffee shop with the name Cuppa Joe would serve a good cuppa joe. And I was right. Although I hadn’t heard too much about the cafe we were keen to give it a shot, and Urbanspoon’s rating sealed the deal. The bright, stylish eatery is located just off Scarborough Beach Road and although it was a little bit hard to find (thanks GPS), it was well worth the semi-confusing city drive.

The cafe is small but the interior is lovely. Black and white vintage style wallpaper, wooden plank tables and bright pops of colour via leather look couches and lamp shades gives the space a welcoming, artistic vibe. Whilst the interior was very inviting we opted to sit in the sunshine, right next to the cutest shaggy dog. The coolest part about sitting outdoors through was the service window. I love the idea of a “hole in the wall” where you can order your food and drink without having to face the masses and weave through the tables inside. Cuppa Joe know that people love to save time and they’ve got a good thing going. Plus an impressive number of sporty folk walking their pooches grabbed a take away coffee on the way past, without having to leave their furry friend alone. A great idea! Red plastic tables and chairs line the pavement out the front of the cafe, and while the seats did get a little hard after a while they suited the retro-esque vibe.




V & I ordered the same meal on this Sunday morning, the Cuppa Joe Brekky Stack ($18.50). Grilled haloumi, poached eggs, wilted spinach, avocado and blistered tomatoes on turkish (plus I added salmon) – a lovely fresh plate of goodness. The balsamic glaze was the perfect addition and brought the entire dish together. And I could not believe how much avocado they gave me. Wow. No stinginess with ingredients here! Everything was running smoothly until they forgot V’s poached eggs on his dish. Once realising the error the plate was rushed back to the kitchen and the staff fixed the mistake in record speed. Impressive.

My friend Lu has very strict dietary requirements and the staff were very accommodating to her requests, even offering advice on what she could eat as an alternative to their regular menu. Her very specific breakfast of poached eggs, spinach and blistered tomato did not look very decadent, but she was really happy with it! If you can make such a plain dish tasty then you’re doing something right! The coffee was on par, and I ended up going back for seconds. The blend they use is very smooth, and my Soy Long Mac usual order looked as good as it tasted. We also tried two of their juices post breakfast, and they were super fruity and sweet, perfect for a spring day.




If you’re on the hunt for a cuppa on the go, or a chilled out breakfast in a sexy, slick little spot then you should really give Cuppa Joe a visit. The staff were wonderful (especially our waitress who was in training!!!) and the one mistake we encountered was fixed in minutes with a smile. And don’t let the shopping centre complex location bother you – it is worth the travel to the burbs!

What is your coffee order?

E x

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